Open Source License for Tailspark Components

Summary (TL;DR)

You are free to use Tailspark components in any project, whether it's for commercial or personal use, without the need for attribution or any costs. However, please refrain from attempting to replicate Tailspark, redistribute the components as a package, or create integrations based on them.

Full License Text

All components published under the Tailspark project are freely available for use. You can use them for both noncommercial and commercial purposes. No permission or credit is required from the creator or Tailspark.

To be more precise, Tailspark grants you a nonexclusive, worldwide copyright license. This license allows you to download, copy, modify, distribute, perform, and use the assets provided by Tailspark for free, including for commercial purposes, without the need for permission from or attribution to the creator or Tailspark. However, this license does not grant the right to compile components from Tailspark to replicate a similar or competing service, in any form, or distribute the assets as a package or through any other means. This restriction applies to both automated and non-automated methods of linking, embedding, scraping, searching, or downloading the assets available on the Tailspark website without our consent.

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