Getting set up

Style guide of Components

For the Layout Wireframe components, we use in-built TailwindCSS classess so you'll be able to copy and paste the code w/o having to setup a tailwind config

For our styled components, inside the template it'll comes with the Tailwind Config - this config includes things like the font styles. When you copy and paste a Component in that style into the template, the style of that project will automatically apply.

Functionality of Components

For the Layout Wireframe components, all functionality is built in ReactJS e.g. dropdowns, tabs etc.. You'll be able to copy and paste the code directly into your NuxtJS project w/o additional setup.

We also provide the static version in multiple Frameworks e.g. Vuejs and standard HTML

Animations of the template

In the templates, the AOS (Animate On Scroll) is used to create animations. It is a simple library for adding animations to elements as they scroll into view.

Animation Options:

fade, fade-up, fade-down, slide-up, zoom-in, etc. You can customize the duration, delay, and other settings through data-aos-* attributes.

Advanced Configuration:

AOS allows you to customize animations with various settings during initialization, such as duration, delay, offset, and more.

For more detailed information, visit the AOS official documentation .

License Details

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